Taissa Farmiga (born August 17, 1994) is an American actress, best known for her roles as Violet Harmon in the FX television series American Horror Story and young Corinne in the film Higher Ground. Farmiga is also to star alongside Emma Watson in the upcoming film The Bling Ring, which is set to be released in Summer 2013.

Farmiga initially had no ambitions to become an actress, but was persuaded to appear in sister Vera Farmiga’s directing debut, Higher Ground, playing the 16-year-old version of her sister’s character. After her performance in the film was acclaimed at the Sundance Film Festival, she decided to pursue an acting career. In May 2011, she was cast as Violet Harmon in the miniseries American Horror Story. The series debuted October 5, 2011 and was met with critical acclaim. The show was nominated for two Golden Globes and seventeen Emmy Awards. The second season of the show featured completely different characters in a new location and Farmiga and her on-screen mother Connie Britton did not return to the show. This year she joined a leading role in the drama Jamesy Boy. The film tells the story of a young suburban street gang member who gets sent to a maximum-security prison and strikes up an unlikely friendship with a convicted murderer. Farmiga will play the main character’s love interest with a supporting cast that includes Mary-Louise Parker, Ving Rhames, and James Woods.
Farmiga and Nicholas Braun signed on to the indie dramedy Middleton. Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga star as “a man and woman who fall in love while taking their children on a college admissions tour.” According to THR, Farmiga will play woman’s daughter. In 2012, she joined the cast of Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring. Written by Coppola, the film is based on the true story of a group of teenagers who robbed the homes of the rich and famous between October 2008 and August 2009, coming away with over $3 million worth of loot from the likes of Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, and Lindsay Lohan. The cast is lead by Harry Potter’s Emma Watson and Leslie Mann. The same year she had been cast in Mindscape will mark the feature-length directorial debut of Spaniard Jorge Dorado. The story of the film, written by Guy and Martha Holmes, centres on a man with the ability to enter people’s memories who is working on the case of a brilliant but problematic teenager to determine whether she is a sociopath or the victim of a trauma. The cast includes actors Mark Strong and Brian Cox. The film comes to theaters in 2013.
Farmiga is set to return to the third season of American Horror Story in a lead role similar to that of her role in the first season. In January 2013, series creator Ryan Murphy hinted that a clue about the third season would be hidden in the tenth episode of the second season. In a later interview discussing that episode, he stated: “I sorta feel like for the third version I want to do something that’s a little bit more ‘evil glamour.’ Just something that’s a little bit more…one of the things that I missed this season was I really loved having that Romeo and Juliet youth story with Violet and Tate [from the first season]. I want something like that again and we’re doing something like that in the third season. And we’re contemplating shooting the show in a different place. We’re contemplating shooting it in a place in the country where true horror has been.”

Personal Life
Farmiga is the youngest of seven children, the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants Mykhailo, a computer-systems analyst, and Ljuba Farmiga, a schoolteacher. Her older sister is Oscar-nominated actress Vera Farmiga and her brother-in-law is musician Renn Hawkey. She was born and raised in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey.

Credit: Wikipedia