Conroy & Farmiga officially join ‘American Horror Story’

Frances Conroy and Taissa Farmiga officially join ‘American Horror Story’

Fans are elated that Ryan Murphy, the creator of the “American Horror Story” anthology, has been able to talk veteraned “AHS” actresses Taissa Farmiga and Frances Conroy into joining season three reports The Hollywood Reporter on Feb. 7.

Conroy has played roles in both seasons of the anthology; Playing the maid in “American Horror Story: Murder House”, and the angel of death in “American Horror Story: Asylum.” Farmiga played Violet in the first season of the show but decided to skip the sophomore season of the popular horror show. They join former cast mates Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Lily Rabe.

For the third season, Taissa will be paired with Evan once again for a horror romance in a more historical setting. That is all that Murphy is wanting to share with fans of the show at this time. There is much speculation that the show will involve witches and be based off of the Salem witch hunt, but there is no official confirmation of that as of yet. The only fact that Ryan Murphy has set in stone is that the story is modern-day and revolves around Jessica Lange.

Are you excited to hear what season three will involve? What’s your guess of the story line for the next installment of “American Horror Story?”

Source: Examiner

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