Gallery Update: AHS and The Bling Ring Promotional Stills

I’ve added promotional to the gallery. Stills from Taissa’s career: American Horror Story 3×01 – “Bitchcraft” and The Bling Ring. All promotional stills are High Quality. Enjoy.

Gallery Link
(x7) – TV Productions > [2011 – 2013] American Horror Story > Season 3 > Episode Stills > 3×01 – “Bitchcraft”
(x8) – Film Productions > [2013] The Bling Ring > Promotional Stills

Sorry guys for the lack of updates. It has been crazy in my life these past couple of months. I was too busy with other things in the real life. I’ll add more Taissa’s photos, screencaptures from American Horror Story: Coven for the gallery.

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