Taissa Farmiga Online

Do you know who I am? I’m Mila, the same owner of my previous site taissa-farmiga.com

That’s a shame! November of 2012 was a horrible month to me because the previous site was taissa-farmiga.com and it was hacked by FanFusion.Org’s owner. They changed all my old passwords from all of my ex-fansites. Oranges (who owns Fanfusion.org) stole all my accounts from wordpress, the gallery with photos, the content, etc. I lost a lot of visitors from all of my sites. I WORKED VERY HARD on them. I’m a bit annoyed! Taissa Farmiga Online was. I lost my backups of my previous site. I’m so sorry! I’ve uploaded the photos to the new gallery again to this site and also I’ll add the old news from my previous site. It’s a very hard work. And also I’ll upload the pics, are uploaded by the previous owners of Introducing Taissa Farmiga. Taissa Farmiga Online & Introducing Taissa Farmiga are joined this site. 🙂

Now, I adopted this site, the url is taissafarmiga.net and it’s hosted by The Fan Sites Network, thanks a lot to Gertie. I’ll work on the content, uploading new pictures, videos and more of actress Taissa Farmiga.

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